HSE Organiser is a comprehensive and complete management system, which takes any confusion and difficulty from the reporting process. With a choice of four different forms within our software package you can simply click and select the form which best suits the incident in question (accident or near miss for example) and complete the form before it is stored securely within the cloud system.

Our effective and intuitive software is designed to make your job and complying with health and safety regulation easier. It is extremely user-friendly and once setup immediately ready to use. By utilising the cloud, we are able to offer an extremely scalable product, which can grow with your business.

HSE Organiser makes recording, collating and storing this information easier than ever before and we work with many businesses to ensure they have a fully effective system for managing accidents and incidents.


All employers in the UK are required to have an effective Health and Safety Management System in place to comply with legal regulations. Such systems need to be clearly defined and well documented at all times.

An automated health and safety management system effectively takes control of the processes required to keep you and your staff safe. Long gone are the days of overflowing filing cabinets, in terms of keeping important documentation safe and secure. A health and safety management system will keep all the documentation you need in one, easy-to-access electronic location, meaning your business is always on top of the procedural process.

Automated health and safety management systems should include the following components:

  • Secure Storage – to allow you to keep all of your documents in a safe, secure and reliable central location
  • Search Facility – to allow you to be able to search for and locate all document versions at the touch of a button
  • Document Creation – to allow you to publish, distribute and upload all documents you need for your workflow
  • Document Tracking – so you can see whether your documentation has been read by the recipient
  • Document Control – to enable you to customise all documentation to suit your specific requirements
  • Document Uploads – to allow you to electronically store training records, equipment registers, fire safety documentation and all other documents necessary to your business.
  • Audit Trail – to store a record of the lifetime of all document and versions your business has used.


An effective health and safety management system should also be able to offer enough storage space and be backed up on a regular basis. The use of an online cloud-based system should help with this.