Accident & Incident Management

Accident & Incident Management Software

Our effective and intuitive software is designed to make your job and complying with health and safety regulation easier. It is extremely user-friendly and once setup immediately ready to use. By utilising the cloud, we are able to offer an extremely scalable product, which can grow with your business.

With a choice of four different forms within our software package you can simply click and select the form which best suits the incident in question (accident or near miss for example) and complete the form before it is stored securely within the cloud system.

How it works

Simply select from the four available forms to quickly and efficiently record accident and incident information for the benefit of your business, employees and the general public. The four forms included in our software package are:

  • Accident
  • Near Miss
  • Accident and Incident Investigation
  • First Aid Treatment

You may find in some instances more than one form is necessary but they are all quick to complete, allow for detailed recording of all information. Records are securely stored in your HSE Organiser account and can be accessed as and when you need them.

The forms available are:


This form is used to report an accident in the workplace

Accident and Incident Investigation

This form is used to provide a fuller account of an accident or incident which requires full investigation and checking of different elements such as risk assessments in place, witnesses etc.

Near Miss

This form is used to report incidents or occurrences which were unexpected/unplanned but did not result in any injury or accident.

First Aid Treatment

This form is used when there has been first aid administered in the workplace. In all instances these forms are electronic, filled out within the system and then stored securely so you can access them when required.

Easy Reporting, Easy Storage, Easy Access

Through the use of an online cloud-based system, HSE Organiser saves the need for bulky files and folders and even serves and on-site hardware for the storage of reports. You can have peace of mind your records are securely stored on the cloud, with backups ensuring they are fully protected and easy to access should you need to at any time.

Using our comprehensive system helps to ensure effective incident and accident management and effective reporting is found to reduce the cost of incidents to your business and also minimise the risk of claims.

Working in real time the system has your report automatically ready as you complete it, speeding up the reporting process and making record management simpler and more effective.

We offer a free demo of our software so you can get to grips with how it works, try it out for yourself and find out exactly how beneficial to your business it will be.