Risk Assessments

Procedure And Recording

Your business has a duty of care to protect everyone that works with you as well as visitors to your premises. You must also ensure that your working practises are safe and that you are not putting anyone effected by your business into any dangerous or potentially damaging situations.

What Is A Risk Assessment?

A Risk Assessment will help you to control any potential risks that can be found within your workplace.  

In order to do this effectively, you must take in to account any areas of your work that could cause harm to people, and then assess the steps you will need to take to prevent this from happening.  

Identifying sensible and protective measures in the form of a Risk Assessment is a legal requirement for all businesses.  If you employ 5 staff or more, you must record your findings, either in writing on by using an electronic format.

Potential risks in your workplace

In order to assess any potential risks in your workplace, you need to;


  • Identify and potential hazards and decide how best any risks can be controlled or prevented
  • Identify who might be harmed and how, as well as how best to protect them
  • Evaluate the risks and decide on what precautions you can take to prevent them
  • Record all of  your significant findings
  • Review your assessment and update them as and when necessary

Business owners

As a business owner, you will know your business better than anyone else.  Pay particular attention to areas of your business that could create accidents or cause ill health, then look at realistic ways to prevent such incidences from occurring.

For some risks, like the use of chemicals for example, will require particular types of control measures. Others, like exposed wires or uneven flooring, may not be as obvious but could still result in an accident.

By looking at your building, your business and the way you work as a whole, you can identify all of the potential risks that exist and identify ways to reduce the chance of them causing damage or ill-health.


Recording Your Risk Assessment Findings

A comprehensive risk assessment can be a lengthy document, and one that can take many man hours to successfully complete.  Whatever their size, however, they are necessary to provide a safe workplace and to ensure that you continue to meet your obligations as required by law.

Storing and updating written risk assessments can be an arduous task.  By using an electronic recording system, offering the additional security of cloud storage and data back up, you can ensure your workplace is kept safe at all times.  Electronic storage also offers effective incident and accident management reporting which will be required for risk assessment reviews and amendments to existing procedures and policies.

Our Health and Safety Management Software has the provision to record and keep all of your risk assessments safely and securely.  Whatever the risks present in your workplace, losing vital information about preventing accidents from happening, will not be one of them. Our automated recording process for your ongoing Health and Safety management procedures allows businesses to quickly and efficiently record risk assessment information for the benefit of your business, employees and the general public.