Training Management Software

Training Management Software

The HSE Organiser Training Management software allows you to effectively record details of all training undertaken within your organisation.  The system also notifies you when training is needed for employees, record details and compile reports.

What Is Training Management Software?

The HSE Organiser Training Management Software is designed to help your organisation streamline and record all of your instructor-led or online training processes.

The system will take the place of traditional files and records, and will enable you to access all records at the touch of a button. It will also be able to produce records and help you to analyse areas for improvement within your current training strategies.

Whether you implement your training via E-Learning or within a traditional classroom environment, ourTraining Management Software will collate and record all details of your health and safety training to date.

How Does Training Management Software Work?

Here at HSE Organiser we appreciate that a safe workplace is a productive one. We also understand that physically documenting records of all training and procedural requirements can be time consuming.

This is why we have designed our very own Training Management Software that will ease the transition to an automated recording process for your ongoing Health and Safety management procedures.

By providing a selection of forms for your own internal use, our training management software enables you to quickly and efficiently record accident and incident information for the benefit of your business, employees and the general public.

Easy Reporting, Easy Storage, Easy Access

Through the use of an online cloud-based system, HSE Organiser saves the need for bulky files and folders and even serves and on-site hardware for the storage of reports. You can have peace of mind your records are securely stored on the cloud, with backups ensuring they are fully protected and easy to access should you need to at any time.

Using our comprehensive system helps to ensure effective incident and accident management and effective reporting is found to reduce the cost of incidents to your business and also minimise the risk of claims.

Working in real time the system has your report automatically ready as you complete it, speeding up the reporting process and making record management simpler and more effective.