Keeping staff and visitors to your workplace safe is important to organisations of all different types and sizes.  Whether you offer corporate, commercial, retail or industrial products or services, keeping everyone involved with your busy safe and healthy is an important part of your continued success.  It is also a legal requirement that businesses who employ 5 members of staff or more, have an effective and comprehensive Health and Safety Management Plan in action.

Keeping Your Staff Safe – The Automated Way

What would previously have involved piles of paperwork, and a never ending circle of updates, revisions and re-writes, can now be dealt with quickly and efficiently using Health, safety and Risk Assessment Software.  Using advances in technology, you can effectively manage all of your health and safety at work in real time, with no complications.  Health, Safety and Risk Assessment software likes ours can ensure that your business is always compliant with the law and able to work safely.

Health, Safety and Risk Assessment software offers a powerful tool that can take away any potential confusion, stress and complications when it comes to  open and accurate reporting. It will ensure that your business is protected should an accident or incident occur, and allow you to complete all of the necessary forms and reports quickly and easily online.

Risk Assessments The Right Way

In order to prevent accidents happening, you first need to identify potential risks and hazards that could cause danger or injury to your staff or visitors.  Undertaking a risk assessment is the first step to keeping your company safe.  A risk assessment is something you are required by law to carry out and write down if you have more than five employees.  It will detail any aspects of your building, or the way in which you work, which could be a potential danger to anyone involved with your business.

By using Health, Safety and Risk assessment software you can quickly and easily put together a comprehensive list of every area of your business that could present a potential risk to life or health. You can then go ahead and put in place measures to control or alleviate them.  Your risk assessments will need revising, amending or replacing every time you make changes to your premises of the way you do business.  Having them online means you can quickly and easily implement new procedures to keep your company safe and within the law. Health, Safety and Risk assessment software also lets you share your findings with your staff using a variety of engaging and educational methods including staff handbooks or health and safety e-learning packages.

Health, Safety and Risk Assessment Made Easy

Our software packages are designed specifically to offer companies like yours all of the guidance, tools and support you need to keep on top of your legal obligations in respect of health and safety in your workplace.

Join the online revolution and have HSE Organiser take charge of your obligations with our Health, Safety and Risk Assessment software packages today.

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