When you are running a business you have to focus on so much more than just offering goods and services to a captive audience.  It’s not just your customers that you have to take good care of, it is your staff and visitors to your workplace too.  Knowing that your workplace has an excellent Health and Safety Management Plan in place is vital to ensuring that you are running a safe and efficient business. Using Health and Safety Management software will help you to be sure that you never miss out on any of your health and safety obligations.

Health And Safety For Business

The Health and Safety Executive – more commonly referred to as the HSE – is  the national independent watchdog for work-related health, safety and illness. It works in the public interest to reduce work-related death and serious injury across Great Britain’s workplaces.  It has in place a number of guidelines that offer advice, templates and tools for businesses of all sizes to ensure that they always meet their legal obligations in respect of Health and Safety within the workplace. It also acts as an advisory body to help review existing legislation in respect of the same.

Every organisation in the UK, that employs 5 people of more is required to put in place a Health and Safety Plan that must be in writing and should also be easily accessible.  Your employees should also be made aware of what health and safety procedures are in place in your organisation.

Managing Your Health And Safety Procedures

Whether you choose to devise you own plan, or call in an independent Health and Safety consultant to identify risks within your business, keeping all your Health and Safety related documentation protected and within easy reach is the key to providing effective, protective Health and Safety solutions.

From risk assessments to fire evacuation plans, accident management and staff training, every document needs to be kept securely and confidentially on record as part of your ongoing duty of care to your staff and visitors.  Filing cabinets bursting with paperwork can be a hazard in themselves, which is why a comprehensive Health and Safety Management Software package is the preferred option for forward-thinking businesses.

Health And Safety Management Software

Specifically designed to offer you total cohesion across all of your Health and Safety obligations, Health and Safety Management Software offers you a safe, secure and easy way to keep all of your relevant information in one place. It can also help you to plan your Health and Safety protocols, and ensure that you never fall short of your legal obligations as an employer.

Planning Your Health and Safety Procedures

An effective heath and safety software package will assist you with setting up your initial plan.  It will allow you to detail all of the arrangements made within your business to meet your health and safety responsibilities. Health and Safety Management Software makes it easy to update your policies and information, as well as offering a sure and reliable way of sharing procedure with your staff using cloud-based technology.

Risk Assessments Using Health and Safety Management Software

An important component of offering a safe place to work, is the ability to assess and ameliorate any potential risks before any accident can happen.  Risk assessments do just that.  By using an online Health and Safety Management Software package you can conduct risk assessments, and share your findings or guidance with your staff using handbooks, quizzes or health and safety e-learning packages.

Easy Auditing With Health and Safety Management Software

Because all of your information is kept electronically, accessing reports and data for review or revision is simple.  Your management teams can quickly and easily log accidents, as well as review incidents or any concerns raised by members of staff.

Automatic Reminders To Keep Your Workplace Safe

Almost all plans needs updating over time, and your Health and Safety Policy is no different.  A Health and Safety Management Software package will be able to send out automated reminders to management and team heads to offer staff refresher courses or to advise them of when equipment or vehicle maintenance is due.


The beauty of our Health and Safety Management Software package lies in its simplicity.  By taking control of your reminders, allowing instant access to all staff for updates and training, and removing the need for reams of detailed paper filing, our Health and Safety Management Software can take the pain out of Health and Safety in your workplace.